Single Tooth implant

single tooth implantWhat is a single tooth implant?

A single tooth implant is the replacement of the root of a lost tooth.

It is inserted in the jawbone, underneath the gum and is a support for a crown or a new tooth.

Implants are made of titanium, a precious metal that can be found in nature and is biocompatible with humans.

Implant integration is a process in which jawbone cells cover the surface of the implant. This implant is strongly anchored in the bone and will work as a holder.

With good care and maintenance, the implant can last for many years. So, it is an excellent solution for the lack of teeth. It allows holding complete and partial bridges, replacing one or all the teeth in the dental arch.

Because a single dental implant will replace your tooth root, the bone is better preserved.

Components of a single tooth dental implant

single tooth implant

  1. A titanium screw, which is the dental implant;
  2. 2.The crown, the titanium bridge made of ceramic or zirconium and hybrid dentures;

The process for a single dental implant placing: Duration and treatment process.

  1. The duration of an implant treatment
  2. The surgery

Implant surgery is a simple procedure. It takes about 15 minutes. A single implant is inserted into the jawbone.
Bone augmentation techniques are used if there is a lack of bone. Bone grafting is a common procedure in implantology. It is done before or at the same time as implant surgery.

The crown is placed over the titanium implant and secured with screws or cement. The crown is the new tooth.3. Osseointegration takes two to four months. After this period of time and before the crown is manufactured, the abutment is inserted. It is a prosthetic element that attaches the implant to the crown.

In short, dental implants are the best known solution for people missing teeth. If the patient ensures the maintenance and hygiene of the implants, these can last for many years. In some cases 15 to 20 years, or even a lifetime.

Vita Center Medical Reference . Reviewed By Dr. Filomena Santos in June 13, 2022