Diagnostic Wax-up

What is Diagnostic Wax-up?

Diagnostic Wax-Up

Diagnostic Wax-up helps to visualise the final aesthetic outcome. It is a 3D wax model of the teeth produced in a laboratory. This cast model is shaped similarly to the patient’s mouth and provides a final image of the outcome.

The clinical simulation in the mouth, or Mock-up, is equivalent to a diagnostic wax-up, after going to the laboratory of dental prostheses. Dentist and patient may assess the outcome of the aesthetical treatment.

Why is the wax-up used?

These auxiliary diagnostic methods enable, not only a preview of the result, but also its adaptability. It is possible to preview the final result of the intervention and change some aspect if needed before it is carried out. This way the outcome can be improved.

In the case of ceramic crowns over a tooth, it is extremely useful. The diagnostic wax-up can be assessed by the dentist before eroding the teeth or placing the rods where the ceramic crowns will be placed.

Advantages of Diagnostic Wax-up

The person can have an opinion regarding the outcome. The main objective is to match patient’s desires and expectations. If a person can give an opinion about the treatment, it may also help to correct some aspects.

Conclusion About Diagnostic Wax-up

A well-performed diagnostic wax-up will make the treatment plan more accurate. It will increase the possibility of a positive result and also match the patient’s desires.

Vita Center Medical Reference- Reviewed by VitaCentre Dental Clinic Staff on August 29, 2022