Resin Fillings

Composite or Resin Fillings (Light Colour)

What are the characteristics of light colour composites?

light colour composites
Composite or Resin Fillings (Light Colour)

Resin fillings or composite consist of silicates and quartz crystals.

Its main colour is light, but it is also available in different shades in accordance with universally established scales, in order to be as similar as possible to natural teeth.

They are used in cosmetic dental treatments in tubes of between 2 to 4 mg and are available in different shades of light colour. These shades include lime, normal white, beige, and light yellow. Teeth generally do not have the same colour. In the same dental arch, you may notice different shades, depending on eating habits and the amount of enamel and dentine in the teeth.

In which cases are resin or light colour composites used?

They are used as an alternative to amalgam fillings when the aesthetical factor is very important. Using this composite will enable the rebuilding of damaged, fractured, broken teeth or those subject to invasive interventions such as root canal treatment.

Most patients choose to have their teeth coated in white. Virtually nobody seems to choose amalgam fillings unless it is recommended by the dentist, in which cases resistance is very important. Due to their higher consumption, dental material factories have been investing in technology and discovering new materials.

Resin composite advantages in dental restorations

  • Intensive research about this material has led to more resins with a resistance similar to the amalgam appearing on the market. If a good quality product is chosen, it will remain intact for many years.
  • Tooth appearance is more natural, as its composites have opaque and transparent colours, which made it possible to create a shade similar to a natural tooth through a combination of colours.
  • Composites are eco-friendly and there are no known adverse effects to the environment.
  • The allergic reactions in patients are very rare.

Disadvantages of composite resins

  • Over the years, the colour may change. Usually, it will become more yellow due to foods that stain the teeth, such as coffee and wine. Tobacco smoke can also influence the colour negatively. It may become darker.
  • Although there are composites on the market used for dental restorations that are very resistant, they cannot reach the same level as amalgam.

Maintenance of Dental Restorations (Resin fillings)

In order to maintain pleasant aesthetics, the fillings should be replaced once every ten years. Durability or the need for a replacement varies from person to person, depending on social and eating habits.

Vita Center Medical Reference- Reviewed by VitaCentre Dental Clinic Staff on July 24, 2022