Dentures cost

denture cost
Dentures cost

How much do dentures cost? A denture cost 355 Euros.

Vita Centre Clinic offers you the best prices for your denture, whether it is made of acrylic or metal. A partial denture is lower priced than a complete one.

At Vita Centre clinics, removable acrylic dentures with 14 teeth cost 355 Euros.

How much do dentures cost?

A removable metal denture costs 480 Euros.

Cleaning and maintenance of dentures

How to clean your prosthesis False teeth should be cleaned every day. Ask your dentist which is the most appropriate method for your denture.

  • Wash your denture with a soft brush and regular toothpaste. Brushing your prosthesis will help remove food residues and bacterial plaque.
  • After brushing it, rinse your prosthesis with clean water.
  • Brush your mouth, tongue and gums.
  • Put your denture inside a glass with water overnight.

How long do false teeth last?

How much dentures cost

Removable dentures last about 5 years. They are made from acrylic and this material undergoes wear. Dentures are affected by the pressure from chewing movements and undergo quick erosion. That’s why they can break or stain.

The main problems affecting your denture include:

  • Wear and general erosion.
  • Breakage or cracking. It can break if you cause it to fall on the floor.
  • Stains from coffee and other products like red wine or curry.
  • Changes in your mouth due to gum or jawbone retraction.

Fixing dentures or adding more teeth to the acrylic is easy. However, with time gums can shrink and dentures will need adjustments. That’s why you need to fill them with acrylic every now and then so they can stay readjusted again. It is better to visit your dentist before they get wide and maladjusted, seeing that besides being uncomfortable, they can break.

Adapting to the denture

If you are considering wearing a denture or false teeth, don’t worry about it. Most people can adapt. Adapting to the denture is not always easy. After it has been placed, you will notice some difficulties in chewing but you will be able to talk again a couple of days later.

Dentures are a good alternative for filling in missing teeth and for people who cannot afford the cost of dental implants. While prostheses should be provisional, many people wear them permanently. Visit us for more information if you are considering wearing false teeth.

VitaCentre Medical Reference- Reviewed by VitaCentre Dental Clinic Staff on August 2, 2023