Dental implants cost

Dental implant cost at our clinic 550 Euros. Two dental implants cost 1000 a 1050 Euros.

What are dental implants and what are they for?

Dental Implants Cost
Dental Implant Cost

They consist of small titanium screws and they replace missing teeth. Implants are placed on the jaw bone underneath the gum.

The procedure is performed by dentists with experience in implantology and duly accredited by the Portuguese Dental Association, which governs dentistry in Portugal.

The procedure restores the aesthetics of the face, as the cheeks become nice and full.

Patients recover their speech, as they are able to pronounce words properly. Mastication is improved; with implants, you can eat whatever you like.

What is included in the price of the dental implant?

  •  Initial appointment for obtaining a quote and deciding on a treatment plan.
  • All apical X-rays required for completing the treatment.
  • Titanium implant surgery.
  • Post-surgical appointment for monitoring and stitch removal.
  • Every assessment appointment until the crown is placed.
  • Healing screw and laboratory moulds.
  • Surgical guides.
  • Document in accordance with EC standards regarding the implant’s technical features: brand, diameter and size.
  • Treatment and implant warranty.

How much does a crown on the implant cost?

Following surgery and after osteointegration, we proceed to making the crown or the new tooth.

The price of the crown, ranging from 450 to 500 euros, includes:

  1. All the necessary appointments for making the moulds and sending them to the laboratory.
  2. Every fitting required until the crown is delivered.

The total cost of an implant and crown ranges from 1000 to 1050 euros.

For more information and clarification regarding the cost of dental implants, contact our clinics in Portugal. This does not include the cost of X-rays or temporary crowns.

What costs should I add ?

  • The cost of the titanium screw.
  • Crown on the implant, made of metal, ceramic or zirconium.
  • X-rays or orthopantomography.
  • Provisional crown, if necessary.
  • Bone grafts or sinus raising is not included in the price.

How long does the process of placing an implant take?

During the first visit, at least two or three days will be necessary. This corresponds to the assessment and procedure appointment.

About three months later, the patient needs to return for one or two weeks, for preparing the crown.

This timeframe always depends on the number of implants.

What costs are involved in making dental implants abroad?

Should add others costs, such as orthopantomography, which costs 30 euros. A CAT scan costs 100 euros per jaw. Should the patient choose a provisional crown on the implant, this costs around 200 euros.

Provisional dentures also entail additional costs. In addition, expenses with hotel accommodation and transfers to/from the airport must be taken into account.

Does the implant treatment hurt?

  • The implant treatment is painless.
  • We use local anaesthetic.
  • After placing the implant, the patient will experience only mild discomfort. It is easier to have an implant put in than to have a tooth pulled out.
  • The patient must follow the dentist’s instructions and take the prescribed medication.

Will I remain toothless during the treatment period?

No and there are several options for filling in the missing teeth during the osteointegration period. You can use provisional crowns  on top of the implant.

Conclusion regarding  dental implants costs at our clinic abroad.

In conclusion not everyone needs the same treatment. For example, one patient may require bone augmentation, while another might have an excellent jawbone.

So for more information on the prices of implants at our clinic in Portugal, please contact us directly.

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