Dentures are medical devices specially used to replace missing teeth. They are similar to natural teeth both in shape and size. These dentures are supported by the gums. The goal is that they are as similar as possible to the other teeth and replace

When creating a false teeth, the aesthetics, but also the functionality, should be considered. The dentures should help with proper chewing and speaking. Occlusion and adaptability are also key factors for the false teeth. The person should be able to close the mouth, and the dental arches should come together effortlessly and smoothly. This is the principle of an ideal dental prosthesis. For this reason, they are based on moulds from the patient’s mouth and are tested and adjusted if necessary.

False teeth


As its name suggests, these prostheses can be removed from the mouth and be placed again by the patient. They are supported by the gum and, in some cases, the teeth. In the removable dentures category, there are acrylic and light alloy dentures. In some cases, the dentures can be supported by dental implants.

The thermoplastics used by Vita Centre Clinic are exclusively selected among materials for medical use. They are safe and biocompatible, including resins free of monomers.

Many patients who are allergic to monomers used in conventional prostheses are able to use flexible dentures as their first prosthesis. The removable and flexible false teeth from Vita Centre have their own features, therefore, some of them are more flexible than others. These dentures can be transparent or opaque. The objective is to find the best solution for each patient.

Flexible and removable dentures (false teeth)

  • Flexible and removable dentures
    Flexible and removable dentures

    False teeth are lightweight and have a great aesthetical appearance. Being transparent, they will acquire the same colour as the gums, making them more natural.

  • Non-toxic and odour free.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • They are thinner.
  • They provide an increased natural sensation.
  • Their endurance is higher in comparison with acrylic in the case of a fall or accident.
  • They are better at cushioning the impact of occlusion movements.

Who should use these false teeth?

For partial, unilateral, and bilateral rehabilitation: older patients. They will be put over implants while waiting for the definitive prosthesis.

Light Alloy Dentures

Light Alloy Dentures
Light Alloy Dentures 

They are removable and these light alloy false teeth are made of metal. If necessary, hooks are used to attach the pre-existing teeth and prevent them from coming out. Only people who have natural teeth can use these dentures.

People will easily adapt to this dentures, as it has a low density. They are quite hygienic and even if they fall on the floor are not easily breakable. However, these dentures are more expensive in comparison with the acrylic denture and, usually, it is not possible to add teeth or make changes.

They are recommended for people with natural teeth, no mobility, and healthy gums.

Acrylic  Dentures or false teeth

They are removable and usually have a pink colour to mimic the colour of

Acrylic dentures or false teeth

the gums. It is used in people who have few teeth or none. They are commonly known as false teeth.

At Vita Centre, these dentures are very affordable. If a person loses one or more teeth, it is usually possible to use these acrylic dentures.

They are denser in comparison with the light alloy dentures, mainly used in the upper jaw. It is recommended to brush them after meals. There also products on the market to clean and fix false teeth.

Fixed Prostheses

As their name suggests, they cannot be removed because they are fixed in a definitive way. In this category, you can find both crowns and bridges. Thanks to scientific advances, it is possible to use computers to assist in the design and production of these materials. Learn more about Fixed Prostheses


The crown is used to artificially coat natural teeth that have been destroyed by tooth decay, fractured, or are fragile due to a root canal treatment. It can be used in a tooth root if it is healthy.

Crowns are produced in the laboratory and are based on moulds made by the dentist. The colour is chosen according to the shade of your teeth in order to create a natural appearance.


The bridge is a fixed prosthesis with, at least, two supports. They are used to fill in one or more missing teeth, and are fixed close to the gum, supported by natural teeth. The main goal is to fill in missing spaces left by teeth due to fractures or tooth decay.

Denture costs

Are you looking for quality dentures at an affordable price?

The laboratories that work with the Vita Centre Clinics are independent and manufacture dentures specially designed for you and adjusted to your needs.

Denture Fees Guide:

Basic denture cost 355 Euros per jaw – High-quality acrylic with natural teeth.

Light alloy denture cost 480 Euros per jaw – Acrylic and chromium cobalt mix.

Our dentists and technicians provide the following denture treatments:

Complete and partial acrylic dentures.

Complete and partial chromium cobalt dentures.

Overdentures – Protheses supported by implants.

Dentures supported by implants.

Repair of acrylic and light alloy removable dentures

Replacement of teeth in dentures.

Adding teeth to the denture to replace lost teeth.

Vita Center Medical Reference- Reviewed by VitaCentre Dental Clinic Staff on August 1, 2023