Implant Bridge

Implants holding ceramics dental bridges and crowns.

Dental Implant Bridge
Implant Bridge

Dental Implant Bridge. This treatment with dental implants allows for a complete jaw recovery, both upper and lower.

The solution is to place 4, 5 or 6 implants in each jawbone, upper and lower.

A ceramic dental bridge or crown is attached to the jaw with all its teeth.

The dental bridge is built around a titanium structure.

Stages of a treatment with implants supported by a ceramic bridge

  1. Case study: Analysing a 3D CAT scan.
  2. Tooth extraction and production of a temporary denture: If the person has teeth, these are extracted, and a temporary removable denture is placed.
  3. There is the possibility of extracting teeth and placing implants right away.
  4. Implant surgery: If there is no need for bone grafts, the implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw. This takes around one or two hours, depending on the number of implants to be placed.
  5. If there is the need to use biomaterials for bone grafts, this may be done simultaneously. In other cases, we wait a few months before the surgery.
  6. Implant integration: The integration of dental implants into the bone takes around three or four months.
  7. Final restoration: A ceramic bridge is produced and fixed to the implants that are strongly anchored in the jawbone.

Price of a full jaw treatment with dental implants – Dental bridge

The aforementioned price does not include removable dentures, which cost 355 Euros, nor does it include bone grafts with biomaterials. 3D jaw X-rays are not included.

Each case is unique, and the aforementioned prices do not preclude prior consultation with the dentist.

The dentist at the clinic performs a full diagnosis suited to your clinical case.

Contact the Vita Centre clinic for more information on dental implants.

Check the cost of a complete jaw treatment with dental implants.

Benefits of a full fixed treatment with dental implants and ceramic dental bridges.

  • We’ve already mentioned mental well-being and functionality.
  • People say that they look like natural teeth.

Full jaw treatment with hybrid dentures

Hybrid dentures supported by implants

  1. Dental implant bridge procedure allows for a full jaw recovery; upper or lower.
  2. It is more affordable because the denture supported by implants is manufactured using acrylic and titanium.
  3. Teeth in a permanent denture are made of acrylic.
  4. Acrylic is the same material of removable dentures and inside there’s a chromium cobalt bar for screwing in the implants.

Stages of a treatment using dental implants and a hybrid denture – Dental Implant bridge

  1. In the first diagnosis appointment the 3D X-rays are studied. If necessary, plaster mouth models are made to support the study.
  2. If there are any teeth, these are extracted, and a temporary denture is placed.
  3. 4 to 6 titanium screws are placed in an implant surgery.
  4. The integration takes 3 to 5 months.
  5. An acrylic denture is produced with a chromium cobalt bar inside it and the implants are screwed in.

Benefits of a treatment with dental implant bridge compared to removable dentures

  • The denture is fixed, comfortable and does not totter.
  • The face and cheeks look fuller, so the person looks more beautiful.
  • Speech improves.
  • The appearance of the smile is very good.
  • Boosts confidence: you can smile!

How much does a full jaw implant treatment supported by hybrid dentures cost

3D X-rays are not included and cost 120 Euros for both jaws.

Temporary removable dentures are not included and cost 355 euros per jaw with 12 to 14 teeth.

Bone grafts, biomaterials or maxillary sinus lift are not included in the price of implant treatments.

This price information does not dispense with the request for a quote and a diagnosis by the dentist adjusted to your particular case.

Latest update: June 27, 2023