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What is a immediate loading implant or teeth in a day?

same day smile
Teeth, same day smile.

Teeth in a day, same day smile or immediate Loading is a sign of the times.

In recent years, technological advances have changed the field of dentistry. The reliability of

osseointegration (bone cell migration) inspired researchers to look ahead in order to develop rehabilitation.

This new dentistry concept was started with the purpose of showing patients the precision, comfort, and aesthetic uniformity of a fixed dental treatment.

Immediate Loading treatment or “teeth in a day” consists of crowns or a temporary bridge fixed on the titanium rod right after its insertion on the bone.

These Immediate Loading dentures are temporary and should be replaced by fixed prostheses a few months later.

How is teeth in a day carried out?

The Immediate Loading Implant procedure is very similar to conventional implant protocol. It is carried out with local anaesthesia in a properly-sterilised clinic setting. Its success is directly linked to good planning.

There is an examination of the CT scans, which provide real-size images and enables a tridimensional assessment according to tomographic sections. Surgical guides are prepared to ease the insertion of the controlled implant. Planning will reduce the incidence of human error.

The Immediate Loading Implants or teeth in a day are produced with ideal characteristics regarding length, diameter and spatial inclination, according to the alveolar crest features, which makes it a valuable tool.

The main difference between Immediate Loading Implants and conventional implants is this: with the former, the teeth are fixed and the person can immediately see an aesthetic change. The crown or prosthesis is adjusted to prevent any pressure. The function is aesthetic, not functional.

Same day teeth abroad

This depends on the number of missing teeth. In simple cases, it can take up to an hour, whereas for edentulous individuals or complex cases, it can take around eight hours. The patient enters the clinic in the morning and in a matter of hours will have fixed teeth. During this time, the tooth assessment, design of wax models, choosing of colours and desirable size, and surgery will all occur.

Benefits and Risks of Immediate Implants

Teeth in a day benefits

  • Saves time – This technique enables fast tooth replacement. With the conventional method, there is a waiting period whilst osseointegration takes place (the union between the bone and the implant). It can take from two to four months until it is possible to place a final prosthesis. An Immediate Loading Implant is fixed on a temporary crown after surgery and the patient will not need to use removable dentures.
  • A single surgical procedure – With the traditional method, a healing abutment is used to shape your gum. Immediate Loading Implants allow the temporary crown to shape your gum, which will lead to superior aesthetical results. The patient requires fewer visits to the clinic.
  • Avoid the appearance of missing teeth and the discomfort caused by removable dentures – Immediate Loading Implants replace missing teeth, so there is no longer a toothless appearance nor the trouble of adapting to removable prostheses. Psychological issues due to missing teeth will disappear.

Teeth in a day risks

  • Rejection – Every surgery has a 2% risk of rejection both in conventional or Immediate Loading Implants. This can happen if the bone cells do not bond themselves with the implant or, for example, if there is an infection on the gum tissue.
  • Unreasonable pressure – The implant should not have any tension or unreasonable pressure. It is important that it stays immobile during the osseointegration period.

Immediate Loading Advantages- Same day smile

  • Fixed implant in same day.
  • Less visits to the clinic.
  • Aesthetical appearance is immediately improved.
  • Decreases bone reabsorption if extraction and placement of fixed teeth are made at the same time. There is a reabsorption reduction during the alveolar process.
  • The area around the prosthesis (crown) is more natural.
  • Fixed and transitional prostheses are immediately applied.
  • The person will promptly recover the ability to chew.
  • Improves self-esteem and well-being.

Teeth in a day,dental implants, immediate dental implants.

Teeth in a day or same day smile disadvantages

  • The treatment is more expensive because other components will be needed to make a temporary fixed prosthesis.
  • There is a higher risk of fibro-integration (lack of bone formation over the implant tissue).

Major Differences Between Traditional Implants and Immediate Loading Implants

Both Immediate Loading and Conventional Implant treatments can be successfully carried out, despite their technological differences and indications. Immediate Loading Implants allow for the solving of clinical cases within a short span of time and, for this reason, the patient will be more comfortable. Provided that every surgical and prosthesis aspect is considered, it is a safe option.

Conventional treatment has various stages and takes longer. It is necessary to wait for bone regeneration, which can take from two to four months. During this period, removable prostheses are used.

The dentist and patient will make the final decision regarding the best choice of treatment. After an assessment concerning time, physiological issues, occlusion, and lack of periapical lesions; both dentist and patient will choose the best method for oral rehabilitation.

Immediate Loading Alternatives

If your dentist does not consider you an ideal candidate, due to low bone density or other reasons, traditional surgery in various stages can be an excellent solution. Traditional techniques of prosthesis production in labs or clinical adaptation are reliable and widely used methods with a high success rate.

Who can apply?

Non-smoking patients with good oral health. Disorders such as bruxism (teeth grinding) and osteoporosis are incompatible with this treatment. The dentist will assess the essential criteria to determine whether the patient is a good candidate for Immediate Loading treatment. There are several enabling factors for Immediate Loading, especially the primary stability of the implants, which should be superior to 35 or 40 Ncm. This primary stability is very significant and relates to the implant design, surgical technique, and bone type. The bone should have enough density and quality.

Immediate Loading Protocols

• Tooth missing – The gap is filled with an implant and temporary fixed crown on the same day.
• Several teeth missing – Several implants and temporary crowns or bridges are placed according to rehabilitation needs.
• Complete edentulous individuals – Four implants are placed on the mandible and five or six in the upper jaw. They will be fixed by an acrylic prosthesis.

Success rate

Immediate Loading Implants are specially suited for the frontal teeth area or lower jaw, where bone is generally thick and compact. In these cases, the success rate is high. Although the bone in the upper jaw is weaker, depending on the particular case, the treatment can be performed with extremely good results.

How much do Immediate Loading Implants cost?

The price can vary depending on the number of crowns or temporary bridges needed during the intervention, and also on the number of implants that will be placed. Refer to our price list or contact us directly to learn more about the exact cost regarding Immediate Loading Implants appropriate for your individual case.


Immediate Loading Implants are an excellent solution for those who are looking for new teeth on the same day. Nevertheless, not every person is a good candidate for this treatment. The dentist will assess your CT scans and decide whether to recommend this treatment. There are some requirements such as oral and general health, and non-compatible disorders.
The dentist’s experience and skill will have an influence on the treatment success rate. This will remove the risk of movement and increase the primary stability of the implants.

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