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See below our dental clinic  pricelist. Save 50% on your dental implant and treatments abroad.. How much does dental treatment cost?

There are several different pricing options to chose from, dependent on your treatment needs. We provide a full written treatment plan showing costs at each stage.

Dental Implants abroad Description Price (Euro)
Consultation – Oral check-up The consultation takes about 45 minutes and we thoroughly go through all the treatments options.   30.00
Single Dental Implant It is not always necessary to use an Implant for every missing tooth  550.00
3 Tooth Bridge from Bridge tooth x3 Implant x 2 (3 missing teeth at one side) 2850.00
2 Implants Implant x 2 1100.00
Lower Over denture Implant x 2 and Denture 2750.00
Lower Over denture Implant x4 and Denture (ALL-ON-4) 5750.00
Upper Over denture Implant x 5 and Denture (ALL-ON-5) 5900.00
Full mouth (arch) restoration ceramic bridge ALL-ON-4 (implants x 4 Bridge tooth x 12) 7250.00
Fillings Price (Euro)
Simple filling 50.00
Fillings 3 facets 60.00
Temporary filling 25.00
Baby Tooth Filling 30.00

CT ScansTaken as required100.00

Imaging Price(Euro)
Digital Orthopantomogram  30.00
Intraoral Radiography  10.00
Scaling and Root Planning Price (Euro)
Simple scaling 30.00
Prophy air polishing 20.00
Teeth-in-a-day Description Price(Euro)
1 Implant Same day implant 1 tooth   500 + 200
2 Implants Immediate Loading 2 teeth 1000 + 400
3 Implants Immediate Loading 3 teeth 1500 + 600
4 Implants Same day implants 12 teeth 3550 a 3650
5 Implants Same day implants (Abutment not included) 12 teeth 2500 +1350
6 Implants Immediate Loading (Abutment not included) 12 teeth 3000+1350
Dental Treatments abroad Price (Euro)
Bite registration 10.00
Healing screw 10.00
Exposure of implant 10.00
Suturing 10.00
Anaesthetic 10.00
Impression taking 10.00
6 Month Check-up inc. X- Ray intraoral , Implant review 10.00
Annual Check-up Implant review 70.00
Dental Crowns and Bridges Price (Euro)
Crown Porcelain Bonded to metal 450.00
Zirconium Dental Crown Porcelain Crown 500.00
Temporary crown on implant 200.00
Dentures Prices (Euro)
Full denture with 12 acrylic teeth 355.00
Acrylic denture 1 tooth   95.00
Acrylic denture 2 teeth 115.00
Acrylic denture 7 teeth 215.00
Acrylic denture 10 teeth 265.00
Chrome denture1 tooth 170.00
Chrome denture 5 teeth 350.00
Chrome denture 7 teeth 390.00
Chrome denture 10 teeth 450.00
Chrome denture 11 teeth 470.00
Dental Surgery Price (Euro)
Bone grafting Used if patient need additional bone 300.00
Sinus lift 500.00
Extraction Price (Euro)
Standard extraction   45.00
Wisdom tooth extraction   60.00
Surgical wisdom tooth extraction 160.00
Baby tooth extraction   35.00
Endodontic Treatments Price (Euro)
Tooth with one or two root canals Root canal treatment 120.00
Tooth with three canals 140.00
Teeth Whitening Price (Euro)
Teeth whitening Laser teeth whitening 250.00
Teeth whitening Home teeth whitening 250.00
Teeth whitening Internal Teeth Whitening (per session)   50.00

Dental Implant Warranty

The implant (the product) has a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects (fracture).

During the osseointegration period, if there is the unlikely rejection of an implant, the dentist at the Vita Centre Clinic will replace it with another without any additional costs.

The warranty regarding this replacement does not include travelling or accommodation costs.

During the crown warranty period, one year, if there is the unlikely rejection of an implant, the dentist at the Vita Centre Clinic will replace it with another without any additional costs.

To ensure this procedure after the treatment, the patient must have follow-up appointments at least once a year.

Excluded from the warranty

The following cases are excluded from the warranty:

  • If the unlikely rejection is due to bone loss.
  • If the patient smokes.
  • If there are systemic diseases such as osteoporosis or diabetes.
  • If the patient is subjected to chemotherapy or oncologic disease.
  • If there is excessive weight gain or loss.
  • If there is negligence regarding the hygiene.
  • If the recommendations given by the dentists are not followed.

If the patient informs by written notice regarding an implant flaw, and that unlikely flaw is included in the warranty, the laboratory work is not included. Bone grafting is not included in case of bone loss.

Accepted methods of payment

Practice policy is to receive payment at the end of each appointment.

Vita Center Medical Reference . Reviewed By Dra. Filomena Santos in August 1, 2023