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Are you considering dental holidays or getting dental implants abroad?

Dental Holidays Portugal

Your dental holidays in Portugal and at our clinics abroad. Welcome to Vita Center Dental Clinic.

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We will explain how you can have dental holidays at our clinics abroad and in Portugal.

What makes Portugal a popular destination for dental holidays?

Dental holidays are very popular among people who wish to travel and improve their smile at the same time.

In 2022, more than 12 million tourists visited Portugal. Our country is renowned for the sun, the beaches, its history and its food. Many of these holidaymakers take advantage of their holidays to get dental treatments at a low cost.

Patients have to come in at least twice to get their dental treatments.

Take advantage of your visit and enjoy the Portuguese culture.

Why is Portugal a popular dental tourism destination abroad?

Dental Holidays

Portuguese dental medicine has an excellent reputation. Portuguese dentists are renowned worldwide for their technique.

We are at the forefront of knowledge and technology in dental sciences.

Dentists are prepared with great scientific rigor and extensive clinical practice, which gives them a high level of skill and expertise for professional practice.

The top eight reasons to take a dental holiday and visit our clinics abroad

1. Dental medicine at affordable prices

Our clinics in Portugal practice quality dental medicine at affordable prices.

Dental treatments are 50% cheaper than in most European countries.

2. Latest technology

In our clinics, the diagnosis and planning of dental implants are made using Computerised Axial Tomography. It is a  complementary test. It measures the space in each dental arch and evaluates the possibility of placing osseointegrated implants in order to obtain excellent oral rehabilitation.

3. Highly skilled dentists

Our clinics have been in operation for about 17 years. Our dentists are experienced in dental implants, all-on-4 implants and immediate-load implants. We successfully rehabilitate hundreds of people each year.

4.We are experts in implantology and we can solve your dental problem

We can solve whatever dental problem you have. We are experts in immediate-load implants, all-on-4 implants, single implants and fixed prostheses to secure dentures.

The evaluation consultation is free of charge. In this consultation, we will study your particular case. If you prefer, send us an x-ray of your jaws. We will evaluate it and call you after the analysis. You don’t need to worry about anything. We will prepare your treatment and wait for you.

5. The Portuguese people speak several languages ​​and are very friendly.

Portuguese people are bilingual. We speak English, French and German. It is very easy to contact and talk with the Portuguese because most of them speak English and we are prepared to receive you with a friendly welcome.

6. Portugal is a safe country for your dental holiday.

Lisbon, Porto and Setúbal are very safe cities with a lot of tourism. Portugal is one of the top 10 holiday destinations, where the sun shines all year round. It was chosen as the “Best Destination in the World” by the World Travel Awards. In all, Portugal was awarded six prizes of great prestige in the tourism industry.

So take a dental holiday and take care of your smile.

7. Low-cost flights

Flights to Portugal are cheap and low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet fly to Lisbon or Porto daily. Airline tickets are very affordable.

8. We are conveniently in the main Portuguese cities, very close to the main airports.

Main places to visit in Portugal during dental treatments:

Dental implants at a low cost. Dental implants 50% cheaper compared to other European countries and North America.

So take a dental holiday in Portugal and take care of your smile.

Vita Center Medical Reference- Reviewed by VitaCentre Dental Clinic Staff on June 4, 2023