Dental trauma

Upper or Lower Jaw Fractures and dental trauma

The maxilla and/or mandible must not be moved until you reach the nearest hospital. Diagnosis and treatment will depend on the x-ray analysis.

Fracture of a Permanent or Temporary Ceramic Crown

If the ceramic crown detaches or comes off, make sure you find it and keep it. Re-cementing a ceramic crown is a simple procedure. If the crown breaks, keep the fragments in order to repair it. This prevents waiting for a replacement crown to be made in a laboratory.

Fracture of a Removable Prosthesis and Repair

If a removable, acrylic prosthesis breaks, it can be repaired. This repair can be carried out in a clinic by using the appropriate material to restore the prosthesis. For more complex cases, it will be sent to a dental prosthesis laboratory. If it is an acrylic prosthesis and you keep the fragments, it will be possible to repair.

Dental Trauma in Children

Children are more prone to dental traumas that may affect their teeth. The most common dental traumas are falls, blows, and sports injuries. The child must be taken urgently to a dentist. He/she can also be taken to the hospital or dental clinic. The longer you wait to take your child to a dentist, the higher the probability of failure of the dental treatment will be.

  • If the tooth comes out without any fracture, it can be replaced as long the intervention is performed quickly enough. If it is a baby tooth, you should put it in a closed bottle filled with water. The tooth should be delivered to the dentist inside the bottle.
  • If it is a permanent tooth, it can be washed with running water and replaced in the mouth until you go to the dentist.
  • If a child falls and hits their mouth, even if there apparently are no symptoms, he or she should be taken to a dentist for a close examination. The dentist may use a panoramic x-ray to test for lesions not discernible to the naked eye.

Problems with Braces

While using braces to correct the alignment of teeth, a module can come off or a wire may hurt the mouth. If any of these situations occur, please contact your dentist immediately. This contact can be made through a phone call to the clinic to ask for advice. If a loose wire starts causing pain, wrap it with wax or cotton, and immediately schedule an appointment.

VitaCentre Medical Reference- Reviewed by VitaCentre Dental Clinic Staff on July 22, 2021